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    crossfit shorts

    I often get asked what equipment, apparel or gym I use so I decided to put together a range of articles that recommend products or services I currently use and why I use them. Over the years I have used a lot of different pairs of shorts for crossfit training as well as other sporting activity’s and I have noticed you will find hundreds of reviews for shoes and gym equipment for example but not much for other important pieces of apparel and equipment like socks and T-shirts.

    crossfit shorts

    Maybe I am not searching the internet correctly or just haven’t found the pages or sites I am looking for but I thought I would start with what I think is important the correct pair of shorts with the focus as always on crossfit training, this in reality is not an easy thing  to review because crossfit training is diverse consisting of weight training to pull ups onto running and through in some swimming!

    A crossfit athletes clothing needs to be as flexible as the athlete. when I look for a pair of crossfit-shorts I focus on the following measures.

    Design – The design of the shorts is mainly because I am a vain person and I like to look good but I am guessing it’s the same for more athletes we love our bodies and we want to look our best at all times and for me this also includes clothing sports or not.
    The design of the shorts visually for me needs to be different as I like to be ahead of the trends, I do like logos on shorts if they are a cool brand but I also like some kind of artistic design and I try to avoid plain and simple but this is just personal preference.

    Quality – One thing that is difficult when buying shorts online is finding out the quality of the shorts, things like stitching and fabric, I am sure we have all purchased clothing online and sent it back simply because the quality was poor.
    When I find a pair of shorts I like I try to find online reviews to see what people say about them these can be found by doing a search on google for the product/brand and adding review.
    You can also try a search on youtube to see if anyone has done a video review of the product I like these reviews best check out the video review below as an example:

    Price – If I really like a pair of shorts price might not be a consideration I will just get them, however in reality a pair of shorts should only cost $20 to $60 maximum if the shorts cost more your paying for the brand and advertising, if they cost less then the quality probably isn’t going to be very good and the life of the shorts will only be a few months.
    You may also notice a deal with buy one pair get another pair free or some other kind of incentive to buy the shorts, this can work out a good deal for you but again I would suggest doing your homework to make sure other peoples reviews are positive.

    Usability – when it comes to crossfit training as I said above it’s important that these shorts can handle a number of activity’s including cycling, swimming, weight lifting and all the other activity’s we undertake during crossfit training.
    It’s will be impossible to find a pair of shorts that is ideal for everything but it is possible to find a pair that will manage to do all of them well.

    I hope this article helps you when it comes to buying your next pair of shorts

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  • This is section 2 check out section 1 here
    How to perform the bench press

    • Lie down on the bench with the barbell racked on the hooks so that when you look “up”, or towards the end of the bench opposite to your feet, your eyes should be focused exactly on the barbell above you. If you drew a perpendicular line from the barbell to the bench, it would pass the top of your head. Your upper back is flat on the bench at this point, and your lower back is arched.
    • Your feet should be flat on the ground, with shins approximately perpendicular to the floor.
    • Get your chest up by attempting to bring the shoulder blades together.
    • In position? Good. Now grab the barbell with an overhand grip. The width of the grip should be 55 to 65 centimeters (22 to 26 inches), with the forearms perpendicular to the floor, and with the barbell being directly over the bones of the forearms. The barbell should rest at the bottom of the palm close to the forearm. Wrap the fingers around the barbell after you position the forearms correctly in relation to it.

    Bench Press Like a Crossfit Pro

    • Unrack the barbell by locking out your elbows and move it so it is above (and parallel to) the line made by your shoulder joints. Your arms should be perpendicular to the floor and the bench at this point.
    • Let your elbows unlock straight out to sides and slowly lower the bar down. You can let your elbows move a bit to your feet when the barbell is moving down. The barbell should end up on your sternum approximately 3-10 centimeters (2 to 5 inches) below your clavicles, and you do not want the path of the barbell to be absolutely perpendicular to the floor at all times. The reason for this is that when your barbell is positioned above your shoulder joints in the topmost position, and is then lowered diagonally to your sternum, travelling a few centimeters to your feet, you do not end up damaging the shoulders. Taking the barbell straight down will damage your shoulder joints in the lowest position. Starting with the barbell closer to your feet results in a less efficient path that will not let you use as much weight, and risks damaging the shoulders as well.
    • Return the barbell to the original position. When you are pressing the barbell, squeeze it as hard as you can. This tenses your muscles and creates a more stable base for the force to travel through, letting you move a bigger weight.

    video of how to do a deadlift correctly

    Bench press is a great exercise for your chest, triceps, and shoulders. However, extra attention to form must be paid to ensure shoulder health. The position used in bench press puts several important tendons at risk. Improper movement will cause the tendons to saw against the bone, which is obviously a bad thing. On the other hand, doing the bench press correctly will make you stronger, bigger, and healthier.

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  • The Bench Press

    The most popular lifting move, and the most liked one, too. The bench press. It doesn’t have the bad rap of squats or deadlifts. It doesn’t have the obscurity of the standing press. The bench press is the exercise that everyone does well at my crossfit gym they do. Despite the popularity of the bench press, you see a staggering number of weight lifters doing this exercise incorrectly. And while the health-destroying potential of a bench press executed with poor form can’t rival that of a squat or deadlift, you can still wreck your shoulders or elbows by doing the bench press wrong.

    Bench Press Like a Crossfit Pro

    Not to mention you can end up with the bar falling on your neck if you’re one of the people who for some reason bench with a thumbless grip.

    Correctly done, bench press will hit your chest, triceps, and the muscles of your anterior shoulder girdle, plus your wrists and upper back. Couple the bench press with the standing press, and throw in something for the back (I recommend deadlifts, rows, and pull-ups) and the biceps (curls, duh), and that will cover all your upper-body needs, at least if you are beginner to intermediate level. Advanced and elites are another story, they’ll have to expand their exercise pool like most crossfit athletes, but the bench press and the standing press are still the bread and butter of any upper-body workout.

    World Champion at Bench Pressing

    It’s worth to mention that in bench press, the chest and shoulders do most of the work lifting the bar up from the chest. Locking out is done primarily by the triceps. The rest of the muscles work as stabilizers, busy being a solid foundation for your lift.

    Another thing you have to know is that bench press is #1 reason behind damages shoulders. You are going to be moving big weights doing the bench press. That’s why proper form on it is very important if you don’t want to injure your shoulders or elbows. This is our point of risk. Danger zone, if you will. You would be really hard pressed to injure your back while doing bench presses, but shoulder and elbow issues are very common problems. Furthermore, the bench press position makes the scapulas immobile, and unable to accommodate the humerus. Anything less than perfect form on bench press, and your rotator cuff tendons are going to be grinding against the bone of the scapula. You don’t have to be a doctor to know it’s a bad thing. With shoulder press, the scapula is free to accommodate the humerus, so the exercise is safer for your shoulders.

    Learn how to do the bench press correctly read more click here

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    3-day Strength Training Workout. To be completed 3 times per week with the primary goal of improving your one rep max (1RM) in each of the exercises especially the squat, dead lift, power clean and power jerk.

    CrossFit Strength Training

    3 Day per Week Strenght Training Workout

    Rest & Recovery - Take a day rest from the full body workout plan i.e complete it Monday, Wednesday and Friday, NOT Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.

    Strength Training Workout

    Format: %RM/rep x set

    Weeks 1-4

    Day 1

    Power Clean 50%/5×2, 60%/3×2, 70%/3×2, 80%/2×3

    Back Squat 50%//8×2, 60%/8, 70/6, 80%/5×5

    Barbell Lunges 40kg/6×3 (both legs)

    Barbell Shoulder Press 40kg/6×3

    Day 2

    Deadlift 50%//8×2, 60%/8, 70/6, 80%/5×5

    Bench Press 50%//8×2, 60%/8, 70/6, 80%/5×5

    Day 3

    Back Squat 50%//8×2, 60%/8, 70/6, 80%/5×5

    Power Jerk 50%/5×2, 60%/3×2, 70%/3×2, 80%/2×3

    Barbell Row 50kg/6×3

    Week 5

    Day 1

    Power Clean 50%/5×2, 60%/3×2, 70%/3×2, 80%/3, 85%/2×3

    Back Squat 50%//8×2, 60%/8, 70/6, 80%/5, 85%/5×5

    Barbell Lunges 50kg/6×3 (both legs)

    Barbell Shoulder Press 50kg/6×3

    Day 2

    Deadlift 50%//8×2, 60%/8, 70/6, 80%/5, 85%/5×5

    Bench Press 50%//8×2, 60%/8, 70/6, 80%/5×5

    Day 3

    Back Squat 50%//8×2, 60%/8, 70/6, 80%/5, 85%/5×5

    Power Jerk 50%/5×2, 60%/3×2, 70%/3×2, 80%/2, 85%/2×3

    Barbell Row 50kg/6×3

    Weeks 6 & 7

    Day 1

    Power Clean 50%/5×2, 60%/3, 70%/3, 80%/2, 85%/1, 90%/1×3

    Back Squat 50%//8×2, 60%/8, 70/6, 80%/5, 85%/5, 90%/5

    Barbell Lunges 50kg/6×3 (both legs)

    Barbell Shoulder Press 50kg/6×3

    Day 2

    Deadlift 50%//8×2, 60%/8, 70/6, 80%/5, 85%/5, 90%/5

    Bench Press 50%//8×2, 60%/8, 70/6, 80%/5, 90%/5

    Day 3

    Back Squat 50%//8×2, 60%/8, 70/6, 80%/5, 85%/5, 90%/5

    Power Jerk 50%/5×2, 60%/3, 70%/3, 80%/2, 85%/1, 90%/1×3

    Barbell Row 50kg/6×3

    Weeks 8 & 9

    Day 1

    Power Clean 50%/5×2, 60%/3, 70%/3, 80%/2, 85%/1, 90%/1, 95%/1, 100%/1

    Back Squat 50%//8×2, 60%/8, 70/6, 80%/5, 85%/5, 90%/3, 95%/3

    Barbell Lunges 50kg/6 (both legs)

    Barbell Shoulder Press 50kg/6

    Day 2

    Deadlift 50%//8×2, 60%/8, 70/6, 80%/5, 85%/5, 90%/3, 95%/3

    Bench Press 50%//8×2, 60%/8, 70/6, 80%/5, 90%/3, 95%/3

    Day 3

    Back Squat 50%//8×2, 60%/8, 70/6, 80%/5, 85%/5, 90%/3, 95%/3

    Power Jerk 50%/5×2, 60%/3, 70%/3, 80%/2, 85%/1, 90%/1, 95%/1, 100%/1

    Barbell Row 50kg/6

    Week 10

    Day 1

    Power Clean 50%/5×2, 60%/3, 70%/3, 80%/2, 85%/1, 90%/1, 95%/1, 100%/1, 105%/1

    Back Squat 50%//8×2, 60%/8, 70/6, 80%/5, 85%/5, 90%/2, 95%/2, 100%/2

    Day 2

    Deadlift 50%//8×2, 60%/8, 70/6, 80%/5, 85%/5, 90%/2, 95%/2, 100%/2

    Bench Press 50%//8×2, 60%/8, 70/6, 80%/5, 90%/2, 95%/2, 100%/2

    Day 3

    Back Squat 50%//8×2, 60%/8, 70/6, 80%/5, 85%/5, 90%/2, 95%/2, 100%/2

    Power Jerk 50%/5×2, 60%/3, 70%/3, 80%/2, 85%/1, 90%/1, 95%/1, 100%/1, 105%/1


    Points to Note

    At week 10 you should keep pushing well past your 1RMs.

    Take a good 90 seconds between each of the 5×5 exercises.

    This is a VERY tough program. Not everyone can handle the stress that this program will but on your central nervous system. It is essential that you rest and recover well after each workout.

    Regularly practice foam-rolling at the end of each week to release tension from your muscles.

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    How do I build chest muscles? What are the best exercises to build chest muscle fast? And, what should my muscle build diet look like to gain chest muscle?

    For men, the chest muscles are right up there with the biceps for the muscles they most want to develop and increase and with good reason. Prominent chest muscles look great underneath a t-shirt as they can give you athletic and masculine feel, something I’m sure no guy would not desire.

    Build Chest Muscles with CrossFit Training

    On top of this a bigger chest can give you are greater sense of confidence due to a more dominant frame up top which is important for those who want to build chest muscles for psychological reasons.If you want to grow your chest then there are a few things you must consistently adhere. These being your diet and more importantly the exercises you do the gym or in this case the crossFit gym.

    Chest muscle training to Build Chest Muscles Fast

    There are many muscle building programs out there that would have you believe that you can have a chest like a bodybuilder after a few weeks of following their program however, to build the chest muscles and any other muscle on the body takes time and patient with the basics.
    You should also know that going through this process is a life change from top to bottom, you need the correct diet, dedication to the workouts and it will also take money.

    The basics are the same old compound movements.

    The kind of exercises you should be focusing on to build those Pecs are flat bench press, inclined bench press, dips, chest flys, rows, deadlifts and most important than any of these exercises Squats!

    I will talk a little more about squats in a second but what all over the above have in common is a full crossFit session, every crossFit workout I do the WOD’s as instructed but once I have rested it’s them time to ensure I do all of the above, this also depends on how tired I am at this point, I may have had a hard day at work or a pretty long week with not much sleep because of the kids, you need to take this into consideration when adding these extra workouts to your crossFit session.

    Squats are what will stimulate muscle growth more than any other type of weightlifting exercise simply because of the sheer stress they place on your central nervous systems which releases growth hormone that forces you body to grow.

    In your muscle building program to build chest muscles fast you should include 6 sets each done for 8 reps twice a week. Both of these squat sessions should be placed 3 days apart.

    Your chest exercise should be done not more than twice a week to ensure adequate recovery. Bulk up your crossFit workout with other exercises such as rows, shoulder presses, lunges and so on. Don’t go over 40 minutes for your workout and ensure you workout at a high intensity.

    Best Diet to Build Chest Muscles Quick

    You Diet to build the Pecs should follow the same principles as any other diet to build muscle.

    These being eating over you calories intake for maintenance of body weight and eat 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

    This should place your chest muscles in the ideal environment to develop and grow.

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  • July 2, 2014 /  CrossFit Fitness

    Health and fitness go hand in hand and in order to attain great success you must be fully committed at ensuring that you do everything possible to reach your fitness and health goals. How do you eat healthy? It is simple. You need to ensure that you eat a balanced diet and in this case I am referring to eating a huge diversity of foods in order to ensure that you provide your body with the necessary nutrients to enable it develop great immunity.

    Health and CrossFit Fitness


    Over the years the doctors around the world have spearheaded the whole idea of advocating for proper dietary among the citizens and as a matter of fact I must acknowledge that their efforts have not been in vain since a lot of people have had a chance to lead much healthier lives. Some of the great foods include:

    • Fish
    • Poultry
    • Lean meat
    • Beans
    • Non-fat dairy products
    • Fruits
    • Whole grains

    The above stipulated foods are just but a very small fraction of the great foods. There are much more foods that are very useful to the body. In order to understand the whole thing about eating healthy and staying fit or in my case extreme fitness with crossfit training, it is advisable that you search on-line to learn much more.

    With the great technological advancement in the world currently you can access the internet on your handset and get to learn really a lot. There is really nothing wrong with spending your money in your own personal health. You cannot hunt for the same cash if you are in a bad health condition. Good health condition should be everyone’s concern and remember that it is your role as a parent to ensure your family stays healthy. Little ones are vulnerable to disease and it is upon you the parent to ensure they stay on the safe side.

    Why embrace health and fitness?

    • Prevention of chronic illnesses All around the world one fact has presented itself quite clearly. The consumption of plants, vegetables and fruits has been known to have a great ability to prevent chronic illnesses. They come in much cheaper prices the more reason as to why you should consume them in relatively large moments. Chronic illnesses as you well know are quite difficult to treat and on the same note remember that prevention is better than cure. You do not have to wait for that moment of illness in order to start taking the above stipulated foods. Ensuring that you eat the above foods keeps your body strong and thus in a position to resist the chronic illnesses.
    • Lowering cholesterol - Plant based foods go a long way in lowering cholesterol levels. Asides from the lowering of cholesterol levels they also help reduce stress. Stress is not a thing that can be wished on anyone since it is really fatal. It may lead one to even break down even at those moments that matter the most. The research by top medical practitioners stipulates that each one of us should participate fully at ensuring that stress does not get the best of us. If there is anything that you think can stress you up it is only good that you avoid such a thing.
    • Staying fit - Maintaining a balance amount of nutrients in the body as well as putting in place a work out plans is a thing that should be upheld by everyone. Short runs are very advisable since they really help you burn calories, weightlifting increases strength but also controls protein intake but for me I have always advised for anyone and everyone to do a mixture of all sports that’s why I personally love crossfit training and everything it has to offer. Staying fit is staying in good shape, as a matter of fact you would love to have the greatest body. A good body is a great source of comfort and confidence as well. Sometimes you might decide to go to a beach and it is really off-turning when your swimming costume really looks bad on you. Maintaining a good body by eating in a healthy way as well as doing exercise is a very good step to take. By doing that you lead a happier and stress free life and that is for sure everyone’s wish.

    Other advantages of health and fitness

    • Are you that man or woman who is really poor in bed? Well, here is a solution to your problems. Staying fit and eating healthy is a great step towards improving your sexual performance. In the recent past there have been a great number of people divorcing and from a research carried out it was quite evident that most of those couples that divorced sited lack of sexual satisfaction from their partners. You do not have to face up to this truth when there is something you can do.
    • The other advantage of eating healthy and staying fit is that it gives you better energy and stamina through out the day. With great energy and stamina you will be in a position to face up to all the challenges of life.

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